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Mike and Vicky

Mike & Vicky

I (Mike) came from a corporate environment and was looking for a change in lifestyle. Being a little cat- mad I was reading about the cat cafés overseas and thought why not start up one in New Zealand! I was hooked on the idea, so I talked to my good friend Vicky, a busy mum of 3, with a hospitality background, about getting out of the corporate world doing something more rewarding, creating a space where people could get away from everyday life, to chill out, be happy, smile and have kitty cuddles. This was the defining moment - that moment we decided life's too short, let's do it, let's open NZ's first cat café! Many hours of hard work and late nights, researching successful fundraising campaigns, talking to other cat cafés overseas, designing, sanding, painting and loads of laughs every day. 10 months later, we have created an awesome space for our resident cats and a great looking cafe ...We made it!

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Asher is a sweet, lazy kitten who loves getting belly rubs. If you're lucky you might catch her playing with the other kittens but most of the time she enjoys curling up for her 500th cat nap or stretching out to make the most of a stroke.



Felix & Hershey are siblings. They were from a litter of 7 that was found when Lonely Miaow were called in to help get a stray mother cat desexed. Felix is a fluffy black and white boy who loves to playfight and bounce around the room with his sister Hershey. If they arent wrestling you'll find the two cuddled up for a nap somewhere.



Felix & Hershey are siblings. They were from a litter of 7 that was found when Lonely Miaow were called in to help get a stray mother cat desexed. Hershey is a cameo/sandy coloured fluffy girl. She has a very sweet nature and loves affection and cuddles. That doesn't mean she wont enjoy a good wrestle though. She'll often chase the boys down and show them whos boss!



Named by AJ & Kristy

King Kong Junior or "Kong" for short. Was found in a pile of timber in someones backyard at just 2 days old with another kitten, They had been abandoned by their mother. He was hand reared by a member of the public and then came to us at 5 weeks old. Kong is a very sweet kitten who loves to race around and play with the other cats.



Ed was one of a litter of 4 that was found under a flight of stairs with their mother. They were only 1 week old when they came into Lonely Miaows care. Ed joins The Cat Lounge team at just 12 weeks old. He's a curious boy, always eager to find out whats happening and where the action is and is keen to get amongst it! He purrs a lot and loves to play with the other kittens.



Daze is a laid-back dude who has fallen in love with the young kittens. He plays with them, gives them smooches and curls up in a big kitten pile with them. He will come up to you and wait patiently for pats, and he loves to let loose and play with a toy, but he's a gentle soul so he often gets pushed aside by the less-polite cats - make sure you give him some extra love when you visit!



Lancelot is utterly fearless and will go into any situation eagerly, and approaches both people and cats with a relaxed enthusiasm. The only thing he's ever hesitated on was when he met Maraetai - we think the others thought Maraetai was a polar bear! Lancelot was advertised online as a free kitten along with his sister - the person finding homes for them wanted to make sure they would be desexed and go to good homes.



Xanadu was one of four kittens found with their mum abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of Pakuranga Highway at 6 weeks old. Xanadu & Smudge are twins, you can tell them apart only because Smudge has a grey Smudge on his head. Xanadu is definately the cuddlier of the two, and loves to sprawl out on your lap for a snooze.



Flotsam is a sweetheart who will always arch her back when you start to pat her - she's not very demanding as she's a little lady with good manners, but she loves getting some one-on-one attention.



Amber was one of four kittens found with their mum abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of Pakuranga Highway at 6 weeks old. Their mum was only 6 months old and still feeding them. Amber is slowly growing out of the rough & tumble kitten stage and getting smoochier by the day!



The Polar Bear! weighing in at a massive 6.4kg, Maraetai doesn't have the biggest appetite but is being encouraged to exercise more and drop a kilo or two. He loves to lie back and soak up all your love and attention, or settle in for a nice brush (be careful, hes ticklish!). He is a sweet gentle boy with a constant purr, and he loves to play with feather teasers. Maraetai has been through the wars and deserves to be spoilt! He has previously been hit by a car and underwent surgery to repair significant injuries, and he now often sits with his right front paw held off the ground - don't worry he's not in pain, it's just an old habit.


Richie McClaw

Richie the cheeky tabby, often found at the top of our tree or up on one of the swing bridges, he loves to be up high looking out over his domain. He loves playing with the other kittens and snuggling up for a snooze with his good mate Lancelot. If you can't find him, look up!



Smudge was left on the side of Pakuranga highway at 6 weeks old in a cardboard box. Less confident than twib sister Xanadu, Smudge is very curious and is usually the first to investigate new toys or additions in The Cat Lounge. You can tell Smudge and Xanadu apart by looking for the grey "Smudge" on his head.


Ron Weasley

Ron is a trouble-maker but a cute one! A rescued cat with attitude. Watch your plate when he's around as he is our resident food theif! At times teaming up with Xanadu, one will distract while the other makes a run for your cheesecake! Ron loves cuddles but will only snuggle with you on his terms - you'll know if he's not impressed as he'll grumble at you.



Laila is a talkative, sweet attention hog! She will come running when you enter the room, then sit back at eye-level and miaow at you until you pay attention. She loves a gentle cuddle and will happily talk away at you. Laila is a very lucky kitten - she was found all alone at 3 weeks of age in some bushes in West Auckland. Her eyes were inflamed and we originally thought she was ill, but it turns out that she had a condition that caused her eyelashes to grow the wrong way, which caused ulcers on the corneas of her eyes and a long road ahead for treatment. She has been left with less-than-perfect sight and abnormal-looking pupils, she's been through a lot.



Jazz was one of four kittens found with their mum abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of Pakuranga Highway at 6 weeks old. Sister to Amber, Smudge & Xanadu. Jazz is still a little timid but is coming out of her shell more each day. Jazz has formed a friendship with Laila and the two often follow each other around & play together.



Midnight or "Midi" is a cuddly black domestic kitty who was rescued from a large colony in West Auckland. Despite having a pretty rough start, He is super friendly and loves people! Midnight loves to steal toys and run off with them, or cuddle up on your lap for a snooze



Jetsam is a brave little girl who will let you know when she has time for you -She's always on a mission! Flotsam and Jetsam can usually be found racing around the room together, winding their way up climbing frames and flinging themselves from high places. They both love to sunbathe in the rafters of our outdoor area.



Rocket was rescued from a large cat colony along with several brothers and sisters. Despite being one of our youngest and smallest cats, he definately has a lot of confidence and can often be seen chasing cats around that are twice his size.



Sid was rescued with his siblings from behind a building in the Albany industrial area. Sid was the runt of the litter and is tiny! Despite his rough start to life he is confident and very talkative. At the moment he is only 9 weeks old (as of 10.12.2016) and we are waiting until he is a little bigger before introducing him to the other cats at the cafe. Sid should be joining us early 2017.

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